Timo Väänänen

Taith – Now & Then

Taith sukeltaa esikoislevyllään suomalaiseen ja walesiläiseen perinteeseen kanteleen, crwthin (äännetään ’kruufh’ ja on eräänlainen jouhikko), kitaran, gamban ja oboen sävyin. Yhtyeessä soittavat Timon lisäksi Gillian Stevens ja Dylan Fowler Walesistä.

A unique collaboration that explores the richness of traditional music from Wales and Finland. It is also an opportunity to create new compositions that draw on the distinctive landscapes of both countries. It is music that expresses both inner and outer landscapes and touches the souls of those who hear it.

This unique trio combines the talents of Timo Väänänen (Kantele), Gillian Stevens (Viols/Crwth) and Dylan Fowler (Guitars/Clarinet) who have come together as ’Taith’ (journey in the Welsh language).

The initial idea came when Timo and Dylan were both involved in the ’Music of the Northlands’ project of 2002 which brought together select musicians from Scandinavia and the UK. The project toured throughout Scandinavia and the UK and was highly successfull. ’Taith’ have already made two prestigious appearances on both the BBC in London (Live Broadcast BBC radio 3) and on YLE Radio 1, Helsinki (recording and interview) as well as a number of concerts.

The group formed early in 2004 after Dylan and Timo had worked together on the prestigious’Music from the Northlands’ tour.

Dylan and Timo had realized that there was some common ground to be explored between the traditional music of Wales and Finland. Both musicians shared an interest in both improvisation and composition and planned to further the collaboration. In 2004 the trio formed when Gillian Stevens brought her expertise on the viol and traditional Welsh crwth to the musical palette that has become ’Taith’ (journey in the welsh language). Already in its first year the trio has attracted considerable interest with a live broadcasts for both BBC Radio 3’s ’Late Junction’ and a 1 hour programme on Radio YLE in Helsinki. The trio has recently completed its debut cd which was recorded in Wales and was released in 2005. Individually, the musicians have played at many of the main world music festivals as well as concerts that span the globe.